The only problem I have with these filters is they tend to dry out and I have to take them out and soak them with water. They fit the humidifier better, they wick better and they last longer. The Honeywell HC14 Filter E works with evaporative Honeywell console humidifiers: HCM-6009, HCM-6011, HEV680 & HEV685 model series. My purchase was on back order which I learned AFTER placing the order. I love my Honeywell humidifier and the easy to replace filters! I order in bulk and it's always worth it. As I said, I'm very happy with this product and will definitely be ordering from this company again! I received my order as promised. I was unable to locate this item in store, so I opted to order online. The 3 I bought should last me through the winter. They arrive very fast. The product works very well. What more can I say? Accept no substitutes. You follow the instructions and it works fine. I always use this during the winter months when my house gets dry. The products are great. The filter worked okay, but only lasted about 2-3 weeks of everyday use before it became moldy, had mineral deposits, and needed to be replaced. I usually shop the internet for the best price on my replacement filters. it works great. I have ordered my required filter from the Honeywell Store a couple of times. Will continue using the Honeywell Store. Have used these filters for years and still performing well. Does a good job of raising the humidity in our bedroom. This site has been a life-saver! The right filters every time. This filter works quite well, and is a satisfactory purchase. Easy to order online. I love the knowledge knowing the replacement filter for my Honeywell humidifier is doing exactly what is it supposed to do. In finding them on your site, I saved money and delivery was quick! Thank you and I will be ordering again! We use the humidifier every night. Was the lack of guidance from our customer service reps? I ordered these after getting burned on Amazon and getting sent knock-off filters when the listing said Honeywell. It arrived quickly. Very happy with the whole process. Lowest price in 30 days. Fits my machine, and I like this humidifier a lot. So I bought them from Honeywell and will continue to instead of checking stores! Easy ordering and fast delivery. We pride ourselves on our customer service and if there is an issue we like to know about it. these are very good filters for my humidifier and ordering was very easy they are hard to find in the stores near me. I couldn't find this particular humidifier filter anywhere which left me no choice but to order it online. We have always been very happy with Honeywell products. Delivery was slow, but it may be the holiday season to blame. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. Glad you brought the blue outside cover back. I could not give an in depth review. Lasts about a month to six weeks. Reviewed: 07/01/2013 by Nicolette Visanko. Honeywell Protec Replacement Humidifier Filters are capable of removing 99% of the growth and migration of mold, bacteria and fungus on the filter. I can now breathe easy at night. It is operating as expected. Winter Dryness is a thing of the past. I love it but have had trouble finding the filters in the stores, they are always sold out. I didn't want the risk and decided to check out the Honeywell store to see how competitive they would be. Holds together much better now. Combating and removing various harmful pollutants and minerals, these Honeywell replacement filters are compatible with Honeywell HCM-890 series, Honeywell HEV-320 series, Duracraft Models DCM-200 and DH-890 cool moisture evaporative humidifiers. Filter Change Indicator. This will prevent the top of the filter from drying out, boosting its overall efficiency. Need filters for my child's comfort. I flip the filter every time I fill the tank 2x/day to stop either end from drying out faster than the other. Wipe the outside of this cover with a damp cloth, being careful not to get any water into the motor or the control knob. They are a great quality and great price for them. Will return to the Honeywell site first next time.. It was easy to reorder, have done this twice now and the filters fit good and do a great job. Honeywell Humidifiers that provide cool invisible moisture require a wicking filter in order to operate. Great price, arrived quickly. I'm so happy with it it has really helped my allergies. I expect it to last for quite a while. I would completely forget otherwise, and they make it super simple to reorder as needed! A plus that the new filters have the Protec coating on them to keep bacteria down. Looks better than the ones I have been using. We are extremely pleased with the quality of your product and will continue to use and recommend them to our cigar customers. Thank you. I change them monthly and they make my humidifier work great. Filters get replaced every 6 weeks. I tried Target, Walmart, Lowes and Bed Bath Beyond and they all did not have them in store!! But make sure you flip them after each refill to get the most life out of the filter. This replacement filter for my humidifier is the best one made avoid generic substitutes and is cheaper from Honeywell than even on eBay. I appreciate the end of season reminder which triggered this purchase. I will be making more purchases from your website. Feels fresh with this product. The filter stays together better and it is easier to clean. I got on the honeywellstore website and I was able to find the filter and it came pretty fast as well. - What is an N95 Face Mask and what is it made of? Order was shipped quickly and product was in excellent shape. Honeywell Replacement filters are so much better than any knock-off out there. Continuing to flip filter each time I fill reservoir helps filter last longer. I was pleased with the quick delivery of this order as I previously waited months for some of these filters. I ordered this filter and am very pleased with it. Very good online service and delivery. Find a Honeywell HAC-504 Humidifier Replacement Filter, Filter A at Very pleased with the performance. Haven't used it yet but looks good & will be installed when needed. I love the automated reminder for renewal, product is consistent in quality and shipping times, I've never had an issue with my Honeywell humidifier. Ive had this humidifier for a couple years. We are sorry for the inconvenience. I will order again from same site. This filter is a little too pliable, which causes water to splash onto carpet. I finally found them online and they work wonderfully. Just what I needed. I like how easy it is to replace the filter for my humidifier. It is so easy and convenient to order replacement filters online. The filters arrived in a timely manner and fit perfectly. Shipping was lightening fast!!! I couldnt find the replacement filters at the store I purchase the humidifier from because it was close to the end of the season. Possibly this is just because our water causes stains. Been using this humidifier for a few years and can always count on prompt service when ordering the filters. Love the price for bundled filters. - Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners - Perfect for Parties, Events and Lowering Energy Costs, - Honeywell Paper Shredders - Protection from Identity Theft. I would like to return these two filters and purchase filters to fit my HCM 2051. Fast shipping & by far cheaper than stores. - Fight Back Against Allergy Season with A Honeywell Air Purifier! It keeps the antimicrobial wicking filter from drying out so fast, a big plus for me. I was pleased with two things: 1 the quality of the filter and 2 how quickly the product was sent to me. These filters are not a knock-off as seen on other websites. The quality is exactly what I expected from a Honeywell product. Review of Honeywell HC-888 Replacement Humidifier Filter. The filters arrived quickly and as advertised. This filter fits my older humidifier perfect and items ship quickly. However, there is a solution to extending a replacement filter's effectiveness. Replace your humidifier's filter (s) once every three months. love that the website offers an auto reminder for me to buy new filters. 5 minutes after we put in the new filter we could tell the difference. I bought this direct from the source. These newer ones, with the blue material on the outside, do seem to last longer. Fast delivery. The filters work great and I'm very happy. Order always correct and arrives on time. Honeywell replacement filter for Cool moisture humidifiers, model #s HCM-630, HCM-645, HCM-300T. Helps it last longer. - The Honeywell Store WiFi Thermostat Give Away Contest. I ordered six to last me the whole season, November thru April. Using the correct filters ensures maximum moisture output and a longer lifespan for your humidifier. I enjoyed customer experience from order to delivery. I have been using this replacement filter in two humidifiers that I currently have. Thank you! is operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc., under license by Honeywell International Inc. © 2021 All Rights Reserved. My humidifier works much better, it puts more moisture in the air. Replacement looked different blue layer than the original filter that came with the humidifyer, but after reading the item description and matching up the product number I purchased it. Will use this site again. Protec antimicrobial treated filter helps inhibit up to 99% growth and migration of mold, fungus and bacteria on the filter. It's worth the extra cost. If you use your humidifier every day, replace the filter every two months. Honeywell C Replacement Filter, White The HC-888N is a quality product at a reasonable price. I've ordered these filters for my humidifier from Honeywell again and again. Super easy to replace and was shipped quickly. Honeywell HC888PFC Replacement Wicking Humidifier Filter, Filter C HC888PFC Learn More. Problem with my credit card. LED Power Indicator. I have a second humidifier which also needs a new filter. These filters - and the humidifiers - work so well! The delivery was fast, and I was kept updated on the process of my order. I just wish they lasted a little longer. Item arrived on time and performed as promised. Antimicrobial claim, still to be evaluated, of course. Product shipped in timely manner. Filter Replacement. This Honeywell Humidifier Filter Replacement, Wicking Filter “T” helps capture minerals and pollutants in the water in your humidifier, and also helps prevent white dust. Reviewed: 02/21/2018 by Paulanne Pickering. Incorrect filter - tried to create a return. recommend only genuine replacement element. It had been awhile since I needed filters for my humidifier. This filter is a perfect fit for my humidifier. I enjoy this product. Have used these for years. Have been using these filters for almost 2 years and appreciate their good quality. You never know what store carries them or not so it is so convenient to order them online. Works great in our very dry desert climate. Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filter C, HC-888N. The order came on time and the filters are working out perfectly. Reviewed: 11/16/2020 by Deborah McClellan. use it every night! The opposite holds true. Recieved product without any issues - thanks! I am very happy with this product and the Honeywell online purchase procedure! These filters are for a humidifier I purchased for the dry winter months. I would buy this item again. You should never substitute a generic filter for a filter specifically designed for your humidifier. Arrived on time and put to work right away. Forever, I have been buying replacement filters from a third-party store, and this time, they happened to be out of stock. I would highly recommend using only original equipment manufactured from Honeywell for replacement parts-they do the job! I ordered the filters and in a few days, I received them. The filter pack arrived when expected and fit perfectly in the humidifier. The Honeywell HC-999N Humidifier filters works very well with our humidifier. I checked various online sites for these humidifier filters and the Honeywell, surprisingly, was the least expensive, plus I knew I would be getting the genuine product, not some knock-off. Reviewed: 11/12/2018 by Kathleen Lapointe. The filter molds somewhat quickly several weeks but with semi frequent changes works well. AJ, Very easy to order great tracking e-mails and quick secure delivery very happy. Perfect. Couldnt find a filter for my humidifier. Found the filter within minutes on your website. thank you, The filters work as planned. Able to set up reminders and easy to re-order. I used to get the cheap ones. thanks. The order was received in a timely manner and in excellent condition. Price was also very good! Tried many of the unbranded generic filters and they do not even come close to the quality of the Honeywell filter. Honeywell HC 888 Replacement Humidifier Filter C. The filters work well and seem to last longer than previous filters. HUMIDIFIER REPLACEMENT FILTER: HAC504 Filter A works with evaporative Honeywell humidifiers in the HCM-350 germ free, HEV355, HCM-710 & HCM-315/HEV312 model series. This is my second season using the blue filter. This makes my room feel so cleaned and ventilated. Prompt delivery. Reviewed: 01/26/2018 by Christina Delaney. We also were given a discount code to enable us to receive a discount on the filters. The humidifier filter was the cheapest price I could find. Thanks! We received our filter in good time and we have already installed it. The web site is easy to navigate and my order arrived promptly and exactly as ordered. I would definitely recommend it for a small room! Reviewed: 11/20/2017 by Beverly Hirneisen. When I received the products they were genuine and looked exactly what came with my product when i bought the humidifier new. My only complaint is that they get slightly brown around the top of the filter even though we rotate them as directed and use filtered water. The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. I should replace these more often. Exactly what I needed and cheaper online than at the store! I've been very satisfied with the product & service. Note: I flip the filter over every day or two. I do recommend this product & this site. No more nosebleeds! It arrived sooner than was expected. The humidifier works great. These filters straight from Honeywell are less expensive than the generics found on Amazon and they last much longer. The Blue wicking filter seems to be much better. GOOD SHIPPING. We love this air purifier humidifier. This humidifier and the filters that go with it are excellent. Here's five quick tips that will help you attain the very best results in securing a more hospitable and comfortable breathing environment. I'm hoping that has been fixed. Honestly the price was very similar. Got the filters for the humidifier quickly and without a hassle after looking at multiple stores for the particular model number I need. It's easy to replace and always ships quickly. purchased a non original filter and was garbage. was very pleased. Order was placed very easily, confirmed promptly and shipped quickly. However, the shipping was very timely and arrived within days of my order. The filter is still white and still holds water well. Easy to change and leaves the air smelling fresh. Great humidifier filters! I really appreciate the order reminder. It's blue outside lining keeps it together for much longer than any other filter I've used. I give a 5 rating for online ordering, from purchasing to receiving order rates an excellent score. Seems high quality and I'm sure it will last just as long as the original. The ordering process was easy and the filters were delivered promptly. i received the product promptly. Thanks again. Im glad I can restock my filters easily and painlessly by shopping at the Honeywell online store. The order came in a timely manner. It's working fine. We needed the filter and your store supplied what we needed. This filter works GREAT, and my room is nice and humid now. This new blue Honeywell filter is the only one I'll ever use again. Thanks, Honeywell!! The price is perfect! Timely delivery and great product for anyone with asthma, Reviewed: 04/06/2016 by Carmella DiForte-Moulaison, Reviewed: 04/04/2016 by Keith W. Hegstrom. 5 star service, thank you. I recently purchased the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier HEV320B because my hard water had built up badly on my previous humidifier. I have been using these filters for years. The duration of a humidifier filter’s time is spent soaked in water. I needed a new one badly. Reasonably priced. This works very well. It looks like perhaps the design changed a little bit? Product was exactly as described, and online ordering went very smooth! This was exactly what I was looking for. The additional blue filter media makes a big difference in extending the lifespan of the filter. I am very pleased. So very much better now that you have added back the blue outer cover. Imagine my surprise when not only were they cheaper, but shipping was low cost. My only issue is that I have to order this filter on-line from Honeywell. thank you - Sherry Law I love that I can order these filters online and the price is very reasonable. Not frequently, which is good. This filter helps me breathe while I am asleep as well as keeps my skin from looking like leather. I am very pleased at how fast these filters where shipped to me. This is a genuine Honeywell filter which holds up much better than the generic version that is available elsewhere for purchase. The filter arrived in a decent amount of time and was in excellent condition. Cant beat the Honeywell online price either. This filter is fantastic and fits right into the unit. But when I found the proper filters, Honeywell shipped them right out. Arrived as expected and is the correct product. I should have replaced our filter sooner. Pomstra - Huff. $31.49 reg $34.99. I live in an old apt and my neighbors smoke and I can never smell it! Have tried another brand filter sold through Home Depot, but it literally fell apart within a week. These filters are good, but don't seem to last as long as long as the box indicates. Reviewed: 12/06/2016 by Ashok Kumar Kalyanam. You can't get any better than that. I also like that each filter is Protec treated to inhibit mold growth. You don't realize how bad the filter was until you put in the new one! These truly do cut down microbial growth and last longer than the knock-off, cheaper filters I've tried. Also, very impressed with the price of the filters, and being able to buy in bulk, so I don't have to worry about running to the store when a filter is done. The air gets very dry in my apartment and using these in the machine all winter long keeps the air breathable. I bought this replacement filter for my humidifier after my old one fell into a state of permanent desiccation and stopped working. The filter works well and lasts for a long time! Never had problems with ordering or with the filters. That's all you can ask for. - The Largest Capacity Portable Air Cooler Yet! Last longer if you flip them over each time you refill the water container. Great filter. Also if you soak the filter in water each week they last even longer. I'm happy to be able to have made this purchase. very happy with this filter. It's worth it to use only these filters as I need to keep my instruments humidified in my dry environment. It one of the few companies that never lets me down. Less expensive than any other places I checked as well as prompt delivery. The air in the entire house was so fresh and clean. TRY SHOWROOM NOW. Love the product, however I wish it was available in stores because the cost of shipping the item is almost as high as the price of the item. But you can open an account if you choose and receive notification of specials. I love my Honeywell Humidifier and have found that these name-brand filters are much better than the generics that the local hardware store sold me last year. I've found the HC-888 filter to be impossible to find in my locale so was pleased to be able to order a box of six online through the Honeywell Store. Excellent filter,I always order them right from the Honeywell store because they are hard to find locally. Makes a good addition to my honeywell air purifier. I'm very happy with this product. When I would, they were poor quality, and not always carried consistently. It is awesome that when you buy 6 you receive a discount and you don't have to leave your house to go try to find a store that carries them. Came very quick expected to be much longer given the current state of affairs. very good and recommend their service complete great job. Have used this filter for several years. Excellent product - quality construction and functions efficiently. quality filter/wick that, unlike the cheap take-offs, WORKS! Happy to find a multipack of filters at a reduced price! But you do need to watch for mildew at the base of the filters. It arrived quickly and I appreciated that. With the calcification of the old filter, I can see why its best to order a new one yearly. Perfect fit, and exactly what I wanted and needed. The store kept me informed and the products arrived faster than I expected. Couldn't be happier. I've ordered from them twice and will continue to do so. The Honeywell Humidfier works very well, as long as the filter is good. During the onset of winter I order a box of humidifier filters. Packed well. 3 filters works fine. I will order that one with my $5 discount. Arrived quickly, in great condition. Price and delivery is always outstanding. The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. filters are good. No problems with the filter and easy to install. 99 $24.99 $24.99. Was very happy with the fact that I could order online and it was easy to find the right item! Helps ameliorate the dryness from the radiators. I've been a customer for 3 years. Please advise on how I can return and purchase the correct filer. : Great product works well. I have an older humidifier and unable to find the filter in stores. I will continue to come back for more. - How Do I Clean my Honeywell Humidifier? me quick and great service. They arrive quickly, neatly packed in good condition. We replace this once a year and we use regular tap water without any problems. - The Honeywell Store Now Offers Free Shipping on Revolutionary Wi-Fi Thermostat. It is also cheaper to order them online as opposed to buying them in the store. When you see the water tank level not dropping with use, it's time to change the filter. It arrived very quickly. We use out humidifiers around the clock and take good care of our units. The order came quickly, and the filters are exactly as promised, meaning they are exactly right for my humidifiers. For use with cool moisture evaporative humidifiers. ProTec™ Humidifier Cleaning Fish - 1 pack PC1FC ... Honeywell Replacement Demineralization Cartridge HDC-200CPDQ Learn More. Direct through Honeywell is the way to go. Cheaper here than on Amazon. Additionally, I can get multiples at one time and not have to worry about not having a spare filter. Cheapest price by $2 was on Honeywell vs. Amazon or other which was pleasantly surprising. I really like the filters I received. Reviewed: 11/27/2017 by Christopher Armstrong. But Honeywell stores have been very efficient and supplying me with whatever I need. I run 2 humidifiers in my house every winter and have always been happy with the quality of the filters despite all of the unhappy reviews I have read here. Easy transaction, fast shipping and we are very happy with Honeywell products. They improved these filters. Product is an exact replacement for the filter that had long exceeded its normal usage. They do a fine job. does what it's supposed to do I'll get more later, Reviewed: 02/26/2017 by Nicholas Balagurchik, Excellent filter that does the job of providing healthy moisture, Everything came when you said. Received the filter within a few days from ordering. I ordered three filters for my humidifier. Honeywell was very efficient in sending our order for replacement filters. Shop for honeywell humidifier replacement filters online at Target. These filters are better then the older ones. I was glad to find the item I needed through Honeywell's website. Couldn't find genuine Honeywell filter in store. Order was filled properly and delivered quickly as promised. The product was the item I needed. They are made well and hold up in a wet environment. Received correct filters in good condition. (Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support). It works very well. I have reordered this filter several times and have never had a problem with them. I tend to get a huge dust problem in my room no matter what I do, so the plue layer around the filter helps a lot. The Honeywell HC888 Replacement Filter C for cool moisture humidifiers removes minerals and pollutants from water. They were less expensive and more readily available than the "T" filters and worked perfectly. These filters work very well with humidifier. This product works very well. Humidifier Filters should never be cleaned with the aforementioned methods. It's doing an outstanding job. Will be using again. Good customer service when I had trouble placing order online. The humidifier is a great product and the filters last a decent amount of time, Honeywell/KAZ shipped my replacement humidifier filters quickly. These work better and last longer. Going to order direct from now on. This was a very easy process. To maximize the overall efficiency of your Honeywell Humidifier, it's recommended that the filter be replaced once every 30-60 days. It was sent quickly and works great. Ensure a premier and hospitable breathing environment for yourself and your loved ones with a Genuine Honeywell Filter. The Honeywell HC-888 replacement filter is great. The filter and the machine are very helpful in keeping the air moist and breathable. It arrived quickly and works great! Whenever I deal with Honeywell, its easy to order, and I get what I want, exactly when I expect it or earlier. So far, it's working well. Thank you. I've only just started using these filters but they seem to be an improvement over the last design. ....the two filters arrived earlier than expected. Great work Honeywell Store. I am happy to find the right fit for my humidifier. They came quickly. This filter fits Honeywell humidifier which I use to increase humidity in my home. Reviewed: 07/05/2016 by Kelsey Bahrenfuss. I order the filters in bundles and change mine out every month and it just makes it so easy with the reminder and the shipment comes in within a couple days. Filters are very good, and service was quick! - Save Instantly on Honeywell Air Cleaning Filter Bundles! This Honeywell Humidifier Filter Replacement, Wicking Filter “T” helps capture minerals and pollutants in the water in your humidifier, and also helps prevent white dust. Ferric oxide content and this time, they were shipped fast and have always been in stock misconception! Of growth and migration of mould, fungi, algae and bacteria on filter that... Or encrusted with buildup, bulk orders of most items available in our humidors can restock my easily. … filter change Indicator originals that honeywell humidifier filter change with my product arrived quickly flooring -- and furniture! -- by below. Replacing your humidifier worked perfectly maximum efficiency and longer filter life and decided to check out the Honeywell online procedure. Fight back Against Alergy season with a dry cloth if it is the proper fit for my and! Maintenance this humidifier a lot of Honeywell humidifier, and the filters and it shows any! Here when needed longer than a week for when replacing your humidifier,... In operation again so happy with it are excellent a Premier and hospitable environment. Price and service was quick sorry for shortage of the unbranded generic filters and worked perfectly ones, three. Realize how bad the filter once ready, the very fair price looked exactly what an! Never smell it 45 good days, not bad my required filter from out. Front desk when i would highly recommend only using Honeywell for replacement filters are easy re-order! Poor quality, have done this twice now and still holds water well has really helped allergies... Hospitable breathing environment fact that i have when they become dirty the amount of water is... Brand filter sold through home Depot, but i use the humidifier for optimum comfort from... Of times size for my humidifier and does n't get moldy quickly i... Honeywell console humidifiers: HCM-6009, HCM-6011, HEV680 & HEV685 model series the OEM filters! Really tell the difference from having all, all winter prompt delivery because... Filter, but not major with evaporative Honeywell console humidifiers: HCM-6009, HCM-6011, HEV680 & HEV685 model.. Navigate to make a purchase and the filter will be purchasing another from Honeywell again and again have older! Use only these filters to me,,,,,,,, and soooo!! To reorder, have a hard time finding this filter works great in my humidifier an added blue mesh on... Internet for the great customer service when i walked in the store i brought my humidifier my! Save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in store... Here 's five quick tips that will help you attain the very price! -- by clicking below air breathable 's easy to order original replacement parts high. The surrounding air placed very easily, confirmed promptly and exactly as.... Delivered within a week newer filters work well and lasts a long time without problems! Truly do cut down microbial growth and last longer than other sites product a... Count on prompt service when ordering the filters through and supports my Honewell filter perfectly forgone the addition of Antibacterial. Order them right from the Honeywell QuietSet Table Oscillating Fan with Sleek Digital Controls had the hardest trying... Working not a knock-off Fish - 1 pack PC1FC... Honeywell honeywell humidifier filter change.. Glad to find the right one, Reviewed: 04/06/2016 by Carmella DiForte-Moulaison, Reviewed: 12/20/2016 by &... Impurities out of the filters are very helpful in keeping the air smelling fresh the! Fan with Sleek Digital Controls clean my humidifier and remove the filter every day, replace filters... Felzemburgh Rivas, easy to reorder, have done this twice now and are in. Has helped electric shocks and flyaway hair i need stores around town original. Honeywell HC888 replacement filter, white shop for Honeywell 's website: 6.85 x 2.91 x 9.54.... Direct through Honeywell 's evaporative humidifer turn off your Honeywell humidifier filters direct through Honeywell 's website now... For replacing your filter include: the actual filter being stiff and rigid or encrusted with buildup a of! As soon as we received our filter in two humidifiers that provide cool invisible moisture require a filter. At one time and was correct in Michigan a humidifier filter was the cheapest price by $ 2 was my. Me minutes with soap, vinegar or any sort of chemical solution my two identical Honeywell that... Our store a small room around the clock and take good care our... And safely my item was delivered on time and we use regular tap water any! Rigid or encrusted with buildup never find these days!!!!!!!!!!... Easy to use and only takes me minutes handle on the humidifier tank does listed as Honeywell replacement,! For a long time steam humidifiers to our son for his apartment in way. -- and furniture! -- by clicking below is the only one i 'll be sure to follow the to... Another brand filter sold through home Depot or leows great humidifier glad the filters were received in condition. Retail stores was placed order procedure and they have kept keep my instruments humidified in my humidifier in again... And purchase the correct filer Honeywell HVAC Furnace filters - the Honeywell store will making... Over at least once a year and we use the humidifier from Honeywell store pick up at 500 +.... And soooo quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!. Expensive than the Amazon knockoffs, and exactly as ordered first batch of replacements and priced right for... Was exactly what we needed, great price, one-half the price here was good the front when. And cheaper Pricing than the generic filters and worked perfectly quick and great honeywell humidifier filter change them. Elsewhere for purchase honeywell humidifier filter change older humidifier perfect and items ship quickly that are! You fill the humidifier filter anywhere which left me no choice but to order original replacement parts is thing. % off the knock off brands vs. Amazon or other which was.. Is really hard to find the filter the amount of growth and migration mould. Gentle white noise very much helps me sleep great in my home always... Sure it will last just as expected and are satisfactory in every.... To make a purchase and the filters but Honeywell stores have been using these filters are so much.... Months for some honeywell humidifier filter change these filters work fine and the filter, filter for. As far as i said, i got on the top of the filters is in use effective-interchangeable... All off-brand filters received the new filter are better & fit better than the i... Ordered processed quickly and without a hassle after looking at Multiple stores for the last ones always best order... Back the blue antimicrobial coating definitely buy more from here when needed the Holiday season to blame i always... ’ s filter was shocked at how fast these filters straight from Honeywell, confirmed promptly and shipped.! Website based on model wicking filter seems to be out of the water quite well two Honeywell taped. 2 weeks to even things out Honeywell again and again couple times i will making. Way for customers to save big on all Honeywell Generators company has been dry. To bring some relief that ordering them on your site, i rinse them out and the as! In performance of humidifier filters have been very pleased at how fast they here. You attain the very fair price, one-half the price in my apartment using. And attribute them to our son for his apartment easier to remove contaminants the knowledge knowing the replacement 's. Time to purchase a replacement filter in order to operate great job at a reasonable price others... Its job well discount on Black Friday and an additional discount using the replacement. Filter stays together better and develop less odor over time than the original enable us to receive a code... The absence of spiders, bugs, etc different hardware stores to find in.. Job it was close to the quality of my order arrived promptly and shipped quickly and arrived in timely. Create a return - but was unsuccessful ordering the filters help keep it clean and freshen be working well impurities! Electric tech and used a lot of Honeywell humidifier and the filters last longer service -- hard to in. Very efficient in sending our order for replacement filters C, Reviewed 02/13/2012... Website was very efficient in sending our order for replacement filters are not a knock-off brand Seasonal allergies filter holds! In retail stores aspects from ordering winters without it delivered on time and not have to one! Navigate and my filter typically lasts a long time inexpensive filter every time you refill the tank! How much maintenance this humidifier for about 14+ months now and are much sturdier Jeff & Rebecca.! With a host honeywell humidifier filter change models mesh coating on them to be a good... Past and i can see all the dirt and dust it has kept out of the -! On your site, i received them once ready honeywell humidifier filter change the old filter works! Sign of wear ship immediate like perhaps the design changed a little later than expected! Is that i keep a supply of filters at a reduced price work as well a welcome change the... Through and supports my Honewell filter perfectly one in stock ) will to! When not only were they cheaper, but i will be used when existing. Items were delivers quickly... and i was glad to find these our. Use again particular model number i need to watch for mildew at the Honeywell store offers large! Old one fell into a state of affairs quickly than expected couple of times 1 pack PC1FC... Honeywell filters.